Can you Hear IT?

by Maria Scordialos on July 12, 2011

Can you hear the whisper?
A call that is barely audible…
Can you hear it beyond the cacophony?
Of revolution – even evolution

What is it saying?
What does it mean?
Be our natural, wild and whole selves
Be – come – sensual

What time is it?
Time to fly
Not alone anymore
Together – like the geese do

How do we do it?
In formation – with slip streams
With freedom to step into the front position
And with freedom to take another place
Remember our collective dreaming sesh?

When do we begin?
We already have
The stories from Tahrir, Syntagma and SOL
Tell us what its all really about

What? What is it about?
CARING for one another
Looking after each other
Self rule, self organised, self love
Remember what Mohammed spoke about the Immersion, “What I notice is how people really care here”

This my friends is the call – and the subtle yet fierce transformation
That we are birthing
We are waking up
This is why we are filling the streets and squares for

And for little ole me
This is worth living for
And dying…..

Can you hear the call?