Death and the New Dawn

by Sarah Whiteley on August 19, 2011

Death came a-knocking
When all seemed quite Perfect
Sloughing off Edges
With the precision
Of a Surgeon’s knife
Cutting to the Core
Until Soul was wide open
Exposed to bright sunlight
Heart’s beating, sore

It’s Time!
I’m not ready
Wrong! Its time!
I won’t go…
…All is well…
Who says so?
You? Her? Him?
Not Me!

Yet deep in Her Bones
She knew that it WAS time
A lump rising strongly
Tightening Her throat
In crashed the Waves
Of Grief and Not-knowing
Breaking the mold
Crafted in Years

Dreams shed light-glimmers
With night-times’ soft gaze
Metaphor sung lullabies
Soothing Soul’s craze
Decipher Us Dreams spoke
Night after night-time
Confusing and clear signs
Lighting pathways

Seals, Dolphins, Edges
Trilogies, Women’s Circles
Gatherings & Journeys
Decapitated Homes
Messages spoke loudly
Into the Dreamtime
Butterflies in daylight
Beckoning the Move

To Distant Horizons
No clearer – no nearer!
Then Death boomed “NO Further”
One morning “That’s it!”
With a firm hand he held high
Once again saying “It IS NOW”
Head bowed in deep reverence
The ONLY response

Timing held Knowing
The resistance was OVER
Time to go Edgy
Where Known meets the Void
Seering Pain circled
Breathing fire through the Vortex
Burning holes, burning off
Any remnant, or claim

Response was to Trust now
Of life’s gracious Cycles
A Phase was now over
A New one lived soon
In one moment, Acceptance
Held palms facing upwards
Tense shoulders eased downwards
As Grace drank Full tears

Death had been honored
As one of life’s Seer’s
The strength to be present
Signaling deep shifts
A Guardian of Thesholds
Bringing Insights and Blessings
That Life beyond NOW
Will NEVER be the same

Void waited with Silence
Alongside her Master
Present for Ages
Gone in a Glimpse
Void too was honored
With Truth, as all Others
Blessed with full Presence
To Boldly move on

Beyond Death was Newness
Dawn Lit up in Brilliance
Birthing a New Day
Blessed by the Rains
Rewarded with Magic
The Scent of New Landscapes
Filled with possibility
It’s Time – Come and Play!!