Dare Step into the Fire of your Heart’s Song

by Sarah Whiteley on January 17, 2012

If asked to name what was most necessary to walk out and walk on, it would be to follow the heart’s song – the deep intuitive resonance that compels and guides the movement into the unknown.

Bridging Now and Then
All that is still to be
And has Become
The Song
Sung with Heart-full breath
Beyond the Self
Blessings’ wealth

Life wishes for Trueness
For Newness
While Time turns its Face
To meet Love


Dare you step Dear
Into the Fire of your Heart’s Song
Sung Loud
Into Night’s Sky
Brilliant stars
Shining patterns
Mapped across Aeons Face

Lighting shrouded places
Lost In Mists
Thought to be
Gone for Good


Bridging Then and Now
How Time turns
To face a New so True
So Blue in Skies
That Dance
Towards the Horizons
Beckoning You

To Trace the Tides
That Turn and Yearn
Until you see what’s True
For you, for Now


Not judged as Better
But Shelter
For the Tides
To rise and fall
That Call the Ships
To return to Shore
Nestled, Settled
Until the dawn Awakens

And Beckons You
Once again
To venture
Into Bright Adventure


Photos by
Sarah Whiteley
Richard Moreham (Moon)
Kamyar Houbakht (Horizon)

~ Sarah Whiteley – 15 January, 2012 ~
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~ The Order of Creation ~

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