Walking Out of the Gallery Scene

by Community Blog on June 11, 2013

Author: Sarah Zoutewelle-Morris

Dear people,

I would like to tell an inspiring story, but I find myself in the uncomfortable in-between state of having walked out of the old, and not yet having hit solid ground in the new. And perhaps this story needs to be told as well for others who are in a similar position.

In my long career in the arts I have been a fine artist, visual arts and calligraphy teacher, period instrument decorator, author (Chocolate Rain, a book about working creatively with  people with dementia), and graphic designer.

I also spent 15 years as a socially engaged artist working in healthcare.

For 6 years I lived in the Findhorn Community in Scotland, a progressive spiritual community based on respect for and cooperation with the nature kingdoms, now an ecovillage.

My focus has shifted over the years from having a career as an artist to using art as a tool for transformation and healing. I want my energy to go into building new initiatives rather than feeding the hyped up world of selling fine art professionally.

My artist friends think I have a problem with money, but it is the reducing of art to a product, a transaction, that I have walked out of.

I am American living in Holland. When back in the US recently, I volunteered in the garden, and activities program of Braddock, PA, a damaged community being revitalised through among other things, the arts.

Here in Holland, I want to walk on to involvement in a vital community of like minded people who want to do meaningful work that is of value to others.

Is there anyone here in the north of Holland who would like to do the same?

Editor’s note: You can find Sarah (and many other Walk Outs) on our Find One Another map if you want details on how to contact her.

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