Triggering positive changes

by Community Blog on November 5, 2013

Author: Haikaa Yamamoto

My name is Haikaa, I am a multicultural singer-songwriter and author and I am absolutely passionate about empowering people. So many of the problems in our world that bother me either arise from or feed on disempowerment. As an artist, my music centers around themes such as self-acceptance, assertiveness, love and surrender.

On one of my projects, the Work of Art Global Project, I recorded my song “Work of Art” in 20 languages to really try to take this message of empowerment across the globe. I did this with the help of more than 40 collaborators from different countries who share these ideals. And it was beautiful:

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As an artist, I guess I could be a little utopic and say that music can save the world. But as a person who has seen poverty up close, the urgency of hunger, the inevitable rise of violence in places that lack dignity, the cruel bond between poverty and deforestation, poverty and animal trafficking, I know that music helps but music alone won’t do the job. So, what will?

Walk Out Walk On came as part of my quest for answers to that particular question. The whole book was an incredible journey. In particular, I really fell in love with the concept of “start anywhere, follow it everywhere” presented on the chapter about Joubert Park in South Africa. It is very difficult to prioritize matters when they are all urgent and that in itself can be very disempowering, almost paralyzing. I am really drawn to the idea that we should get started no matter what and see where it leads us. It was very moving to see how the empowerment of a few photographers led to the creation of a day care center which in turn began offering adult-literacy classes which gave rise to a greenhouse. Empowerment, confidence and faith are such potent ingredients of change.

So whether it be as an artist or as a patriotic citizen of our planet, I intend to apply this concept by trying to trigger as many positive changes as I can and then follow it everywhere. In many cases, such attitude may make me look like a fool but walk outs who walk on “have to expect to feel ignored, invisible and lonely” sometimes, right? Cheers to us!!!


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