Spiraling round and round

by Aerin Dunford on January 19, 2014

On the Walk Out Walk On journey, at some point we often wrestle with questions of right livelihood. In my own life, I’ve noticed that it is not easy living the future now when I’m confronted with economic scarcity. So I feel blessed to have had the opportunity the past two years to do this work as a steward of the Walk Out Walk On community—a community that is deeply aligned with my values, beliefs and worldview.

In this time, I’ve come to see that the process of walking out and walking on is rarely linear or straightforward—it isn’t something we just do once and then we’re done. It’s a path that spirals around and around, an iterative journey of looking at dominant belief systems, finding alternatives and making choices about the beliefs I’d like to “try on.” Once I choose, I go out into the world and practice wearing new lenses; I notice and learn, seeing what works and what doesn’t. Then I stop, reflect back and maybe adjust. I may walk out and then chose to walk back in. It’s messy and complex—and it’s exciting to be able to experiment without fear of failure.

I have enjoyed the opportunity to put the ideas in Walk Out Walk On into practice: in workshops like the ones we’ve hosted with YIP; in trans-local experiments like The Shop of the Open Heart; virtually, in spaces such as our lively Tweet Chats; and in my own day-to-day life. Experimenting with these ideas is what makes them come alive! I offer much thanks to the Walk Outs around the world that have walked at our side through these experiments. As I begin focusing on local work here in Mexico with the Hub Oaxaca and other organizations, I take heart in the idea that this community continues… that you are all still out there doing your work in the world, re-thinking limiting beliefs and living the future now.

En Solidaridad,

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