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If you wish to directly support the organizations or communities featured in Walk Out Walk On, please visit their individual websites or contact their local steward:

Mexico: Universidad de la Tierra

An alternative to institutional education with a deep, unshakable belief in the power of people to claim their right to live and learn as they see fit. Contact Gustavo Esteva to make a donation – gustavoesteva[at]

Brazil: Elos Institute

The innovative young architects at Elos Institute are the creators of Warriors Without Weapons, the transformative month-long youth program where play, not power, evokes people’s passion, creativity and motivation to work hard on seemingly overwhelming challenges. Contact Elos to make a donation – guerreiros[at]

South Africa: The GreenHouse Project

The GreenHouse Project is a non-profit organization focused on sustainability and community self-reliance in downtown Johannesburg. They work in the areas of green building and design, renewable energy, recycling and organic food production. It is one of the cornerstone organizations that paved the way for the transformation of Joubert Park. Contact Mabule Mokine to make a donation – mabule[at]

Zimbabwe: Kufunda Learning Village

Kufunda is demonstrating to the world that it is possible to cultivate resilience in a time of total systems collapse by choosing a different approach. They engage in a wide range of small local actions that give them the capacity to continuously adapt to an unpredictable and chaotic world. Visit Kufunda’s website to make a donation.

India: Shikshantar

This learning center in Udaipur India is experimenting with gift culture and replacing mindless growth with the confidence that we have what we need. Shikshantar’s most recent endeavor is Swaraj University, a three-year, self-directed learning program for young people in India that works from the principles illuminated in Walk Out Walk On. Contact Manish Jain to make a donation – manish[at]

Greece: Axladitsa-Avatakia

Axladitsa-Avatakia, an organic olive farm on the Pelion Peninsula was the setting for the 2007 Art of Learning Centering gathering, where participantswalked out of dependence on experts and learned to trust the capacities and creativity available in friendship to address their community’s needs. Visit Axladitsa-Avatakia’s website to make a donation.

United States: Art of Hosting

Art of Hosting is a participatory approach for leading, convening and engaging groups and teams in meaningful conversation. This is the “operating system” being used by an entire eco-system of organizations and initiatives in Columbus, OH to shift perspectives on leadership and discover integral solutions to their most pressing problems. The Art of Hosting community is an international group of practitioners using these processes and approaches to learn with and from one another through inquiry, sharing story and engaging in shared work. Visit the Art of Hosting’s Ning site to make a donation.

Many initiatives have fiscal sponsorship with a U.S. based 501(c)(3) organizations; your contribution may be tax deductible.