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Walking Out of the Gallery Scene

by Community Blog June 11, 2013

Author: Sarah Zoutewelle-Morris

Dear people,

I would like to tell an inspiring story, but I find myself in the uncomfortable in-between state of having walked out of the old, and not yet having hit solid ground in the new. And perhaps this story needs to be told as well for others who are in a similar position.

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Broccoli Seeds and Bicimaquinas

by Community Blog April 7, 2011

Author: Aerin Dunford

My tasks this morning included washing clothes in a bicycle-powered washing machine and harvesting broccoli seeds from a flowering plant. If you had told me six years ago that these would be “normal” activities for me, I would have hardly believed you. In 2005 I was deeply immersed in a very different world: studying for a master’s degree in management in Vermont and on my way to becoming another cog in the non-profit industrial complex as an organizational consultant or NGO profesionista. Today, I live in Oaxaca, Mexico and work in urban gardens, host conversations about engaging communities, convene transformative gatherings and make jewelry, clothes and art from garbage. So what’s my Walk Out Walk On story?

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