Walk Out Walk On

Finding One Another

As a book, Walk Out Walk On offers a starting point for illuminating new frames and perspectives about change. But the real work of change happens when Walk Outs everywhere connect and self-organize both virtually and face-to-face. We know that the future we are walking on to will not be created by individual hero-leaders. We also know that we do not have the answers about how to build this future. Experimentation, the collaboration of many minds and talents, and openness to new ways of thinking are essential at this time.

When we share our stories, fears, endeavors and insights, our learning is enriched. We’ve created this Community space as a way for Walk Outs to find and support one another, learn together and perhaps collaborate in creating something new. Here you can read the stories of other Walk Outs Who Walk On in the Community Blog, offer your own in the Share Your Story section or read blogs by members of the Walk Out Walk On community below. You can also find out about upcoming Tweet Chats or explore the #wowochat archives. Finally, we have developed the “Find One Another” interactive map for Walk Outs everywhere to become more visible to one another and so that they can connect around the interest areas that matter most to them. View the map. Add yourself to the map.

We invite you to join us in these experiments and to send us your ideas for collaboration, inspiration and feedback on the Walk Out Walk On blog, Facebook page and via #walkoutwalkon on Twitter.