Conventional attempts to solve problems of scarcity focus on efficiencies—attempting to do more with less by cutting budgets and staff, minimizing resources, optimizing outputs. Kufunda Learning Village has achieved resilience in a time of total systems collapse by choosing a different approach. They engage in a wide range of small local actions that give them the capacity to continuously adapt to an unpredictable and chaotic world.

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Excerpt: 89.7 Sextillion Percent Inflation

Want to know what 89.7 sextillion percent inflation feels like? Then accept Sikhethiwe’s invitation to join her on the weekly trip to Harare to buy food. The best way to prepare yourself for this all-day adventure is to think of it as a game, a scavenger hunt designed for currency traders who get off on incomprehensible calculations and split-second decision-making.

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Marianne Knuth tells On the Up her story of being a social entrepreneur in Zimbabwe.

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Dancing With the Universe

Marianne Knuth shares intimate reflections on what inspired her to start Kufunda Learning Village. It was time to leave the life I had come to know and create an African Learning Village that was, and is, an experiment in how we might also live. How we might create—and recreate—healthy, vibrant communities in the midst of a country and continent viewed by the rest of the world as poor, as lost? I believe each one of us is here for a reason, and when you find it, and embrace it, your heart will sing, and you will be carried along by life as you follow desire for your life.

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