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Learn from India: A personal learning journey

by Aerin Dunford December 23, 2013

“A ‘learning-exchange’ was taking place all the time as the boundaries of age, culture and socio-economic background simply vanished in the process of our mutual friendship.”

 – Vipul Shaha

A little over a year ago, Vipul Shaha was living in the United States and had just completed a degree in educational psychology from Harvard. In the eyes of many, the world was his oyster—filled with opportunities to start changing things for better. Yet Vipul himself was not so sure about this. Despite his desire to be constantly learning about “‘cutting-edge’ theories and innovative models in education,” he had a sense that his learning edges were to be found elsewhere. So he decided to embark on a self-directed “Year On” adventure in his native country of India.

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A better world is definitely possible

by Community Blog September 12, 2013

Author: Murtaza M Bootwala

After walking out from my corporate job as a steward from Hilton Towers Mumbai, I had the question: What next? And what’s the purpose of my life?

With these questions, I travelled different parts of India to meet people who are working towards a better world which gave me hope that Yes! a better world is definitely possible. Now, my vision of my life is: “Catalyzing the co-creation of a thriving, just and a sustainable world.”