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Violence at Syntagma on 3 September 2011

by Maria Scordialos September 7, 2011

Here is my harvest from Saturday, 3 September 2011 in Syntagma…

* * *

On 3 September, I witnessed such violence in Syntagma that it broke my heart open and now I am left wondering – wondering – what I am really meant to be doing with my life?

There was a call for people to begin gathering again in Syntagma – to continue to show our resistance and say ‘not in our name’ – as well as continue to talk about what else we can do.  We had spent the day with Anthi and Odysseas planning our work out for the Autumn (interesting dynamics there too) and then our plan was to go to the centre to see what was happening.  Sarah, Stella, Anthi and I went.  There were people – quite a few – but not like before the summer – and it was clear there are two main groupings – the top of Syntagma, right outside the Parliament Buildings and down in the square.  The people in the centre were in the middle of the people’s council (that they have continued to do all through the summer) and the people at the top some were just hanging out and talking and others were chanting, etc.

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All is not lost

by Sarah Whiteley September 7, 2011

On the face of it, its hard not to lose heart.  Yet, in a sense, the situation here in Greece is getting more real – with the deeper layers of culture exposed through the events these past months. It has informed our conversations within our local field here and shown the nature of the real challenges ahead.

So we, Anthi, Odysseas, Maria and I met these past weekend – sensing into the call for our work here – now.

It is taking slow, deliberate effort and regular connection – both in person and virtually – exploring the edges of our own passions, trust, safety, fears – our own operating systems, practices, forms, blind spots, wounds.  Also, and importantly, we are sharing knowledge of cultural nuance of place and people – as indigenous citizens and ‘others’ who now see this land as home.  Perhaps we are prototyping the learning journey necessary to re-weave the fabric of a highly creative, powerfully influential, proud and relational people – now shamed and demanded to conform – and as a result, losing hope in themselves and their own abilities to re-balance their own lives – a wound that runs deep.

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