Sarah Whiteley

Sarah Whiteley

Sarah Whiteley is a writer, field-weaver and translator of subtle intelligences of people and place within systemic transformation processes. Sarah stewards Axladitsa Avatakia and is a co-founder of the Living Wholeness Institute.
Stopped Dead by Death on ‘Burnt Thursday’

Posted on February 16, 2012

I finally took my walk with Freddie – my sweet kairos protector – who stood in front of the Apothiki looking directly at me as I sat at my computer – saying it was now time to go.  He had not had his morning walk.  I was in no mood to go – and anyway, he had gone hurtling out of the door to visit the neighbours. It was after all an hour later than his usual excursion as I had overslept due to finally getting to sleep in the early hours of the morning.  It was time to get some spring water too – so off we went to Kaseni – a 5 minute walk into neighbouring lands.

As I walked down the path in front of the house to where it touches the corner of the streambed leading to the well – I faced death on my pathway. Read More »

Dare Step into the Fire of your Heart’s Song

Posted on January 17, 2012

If asked to name what was most necessary to walk out and walk on, it would be to follow the heart’s song – the deep intuitive resonance that compels and guides the movement into the unknown.

Bridging Now and Then
All that is still to be
And has Become
The Song
Sung with Heart-full breath
Beyond the Self
Blessings’ wealth

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Posted on January 14, 2012

We – human Beings, humanity – are at a crossroads that holds profound choice. Do we go this way or that? Do we stay on the path we are on… or choose another? Do we let go, open up, walk out… walk on?

All are possible. All are choices. Yet what choice provides the greatest flow, the greatest service, the greatest potential? How do we discern? How do we find the courage to say YES – and move… in order to place ourselves well?

This poem speaks to some of the choices, I believe, we face.

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Cracks in the Ice

Posted on December 1, 2011

“There are Cracks in the Ice!!”

“Don’t worry, we’re fast climbers!”

* * *

We had seen the forecast and knew we needed to get to the base of the ice climb early.

As a staff team of Outdoor educators, we were in training in the Scottish Highlands learning the winter arts of ice-climbing, skiing and winter mountaineering.  We were excited as this year – 1985 – held the best conditions for years.  Glistening, thick snow, cold conditions and bright blue skies.  We were blessed.

So here we were – journeying to the base of Oui Oui before dawn – a notorious ice-climb deep in the mountains of Glencoe.  Climbing ropes lassoed over shoulders, rucksacks filled with ice equipment – ice screws, belays, harnesses – and metal crampons – devices that had spikes on the bottom and the front of each – that would eventually be strapped tightly onto the base of each leather boot, plus ice axes strapped to the outside of each rucsac.

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Balancing the Edge with Beauty

Posted on October 14, 2011

The Edge is really here in Greece – and the call for transformation resonating at all levels.  Despair and Outrage are rising as the injustices become more visible – and equally Responsibility and Resilience are arising also.

As Maria wrote in an email a day ago: “I am in Athens right now – and the disintegration of the old system is really strong – everything is coming to a standstill here – garbage is not being collected, general strikes about two days a week on average, kids are striking and not going to school because books are not available for them, more and more people begging and knocking on doors saying they are hungry, 175,000 households have had their electricity cut off a month ago and 60,000 are still cut off.  We now have a 10 day petrol strike – so movement might just cease all together.”

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Inspiration Weaving in the Region

Posted on September 19, 2011

On Saturday, 09/10/2011, 21:00, in front of the Tel – Aviv and throughout Israel, 1000 tables set the stage for a Round Table Discussion / World Cafe:

מהו אותו צדק חברתי שהעם דורש? What is it requires people to social justice?

A skype interview with Danny Gal – co-initiator and co-host of the event was hosted by Maria Bakari in Rhodes.  Their dialogue illuminated the story, preparations & processes plus the excitement and clarities flowing since the event.  They also shared essences that will continue to inform and inspire many other movements, including here in Greece – as well nourish the inspirations already woven in the field thus far. Danny, Maria and I have traveled far together…and have co-inspired each others personal journeys – and also, now our nation’s journeys. Read More »

Balance Point of Truths

Posted on September 19, 2011

A dear and trusted friend voiced a concern of me having posted the video of the UKIP MEP, Nigel Farage – a  UK public servant who’s political party, according to Google is ‘Libertarian, non-racist party seeking Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union.’

I replied,  “Yes, I (we) know he is of the Right.  He simply offers a (strong) perspective. I am not aiming to ‘profile’ him as such, neither do I get overexcited or concerned about his ‘radical’ nature.  Yet he is a voice that somehow speaks in opposition to and counter-balances some of the opinion of ‘others’, who are causing Greece and its people much pain…”

It’s interesting they are against Europe (the word derived from the Greek word Eurōpē (Ευρώπη) often voiced as “the one that sees”…perhaps Nigel’s perspective might transform the emptiness of the current term and practice.

Perhaps also it would be helpful if I qualify my addition of this video to the Ning.  I hear your caution and welcome it…”

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Safety Nets of Learning

Posted on September 8, 2011

I found an incredible video of a young guy committed to climbing harder rock climbs without a rope – and yet wanting to stay safe as he learned.  He innovated by learning over rivers, so that if he fell, he would fall into the water.  Yet, in wanting to take his learning inland…he innovated and engineered a huge, highly responsive safety net that he precisely positioned under the climb!  See…

This speaks to me of the spaces such as Axladitsa, the space we are seeking to create in Athens…and the temporary tent villages that rise and fall, based on need and right timing – to be the places where we can learn safely. As the caption says below the video…“the consequences of a free solo fall reverberate through families, friends, and the greater community. Which camp do you fall into? Can an act be both beautiful and foolish?

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Wholeness of Economy

Posted on September 8, 2011

Yesterday I received a question from someone on a Ning network, who had clearly read my profile page and blog entries….“ Sarah…How are you systematically shifting your own financial system…or is that a question too far…?”

To which I replied…”Fundamentally – thank you for asking…x”

“Sarah…fundamentally is a big call, where do you start or where did you start…?”

It got me thinking, that perhaps I needed to become conscious and harvest my learning journey to date.

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All is not lost

Posted on September 7, 2011

On the face of it, its hard not to lose heart.  Yet, in a sense, the situation here in Greece is getting more real – with the deeper layers of culture exposed through the events these past months. It has informed our conversations within our local field here and shown the nature of the real challenges ahead.

So we, Anthi, Odysseas, Maria and I met these past weekend – sensing into the call for our work here – now.

It is taking slow, deliberate effort and regular connection – both in person and virtually – exploring the edges of our own passions, trust, safety, fears – our own operating systems, practices, forms, blind spots, wounds.  Also, and importantly, we are sharing knowledge of cultural nuance of place and people – as indigenous citizens and ‘others’ who now see this land as home.  Perhaps we are prototyping the learning journey necessary to re-weave the fabric of a highly creative, powerfully influential, proud and relational people – now shamed and demanded to conform – and as a result, losing hope in themselves and their own abilities to re-balance their own lives – a wound that runs deep.

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