Jackie Cahi

Jackie Cahi

Jackie Cahi is a writer and filmmaker. She lives in Zimbabwe but has connections and relationships with many places of power and beauty. She is one of the guardians of Kufunda Village and a friend of Axladtisa-Avatakia in Greece and aspires to be a journeying correspondent, meeting different places and people.
Energy of Place

Posted on June 23, 2011

Kufunda breathes in the hot October air. Visitors come—carried on the wind of her welcome. The called and the callers—to share their dreams and stories, to sit with her in peace, to breathe in the scent of this land and to be refreshed.

Rising at the foot of Zimbabwe’s highest mountainMount Nyanganithe Pungwe River winds softly through golden hills, spreads out into tranquil peaty pools and then suddenly tumbles over churned up granite rocks in shallow rapids. It’s a high cold river fed by thin, sheer waterfalls with perhaps the sweetest water in Zimbabwe. Soon after I was married, my husband brought me to this river, feeling his way on forgotten dust roads to a place where the river is fordable over a manmade concrete drift. There are two isolated cottages there, one on each side of the river, on that first visit long abandoned, but he had come back to the sacred place of his childhood.

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