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Triggering positive changes

by Community Blog November 5, 2013

Author: Haikaa Yamamoto

My name is Haikaa, I am a multicultural singer-songwriter and author and I am absolutely passionate about empowering people. So many of the problems in our world that bother me either arise from or feed on disempowerment. As an artist, my music centers around themes such as self-acceptance, assertiveness, love and surrender.

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What moves you? A collective poem

by Deborah Frieze September 13, 2011

The following post was offered via Facebook by Nathan Daniel.

A collective poem by the participants of the South Africa to Zimbabwe Learning Journey hosted by Greenhouse Project, Johannesburg and Kufunda Village, Harare on 10-20 August 2011. After a day attending sustainability projects in Jhb CBD, we spent two days learning together at Kufunda Village, followed by two days in a rural community. Seventeen South African youth from Cape Town and Johannesburg collaborated with over 20 Kufunda youth to lead an Oasis Game in the small village of Tandi in the Rusape town district of Manicaland, approximately 160 kilometers southeast of Harare, Zimbabwe. This journey was facilitated by the South African and Zimbabwean Warriors Without Weapons who had trained in 2009 and 2011 with Instituto Elos in Santos, Brazil. It was an extraordinary, espectacular gathering of youth, mobilizing 200+ community members who together built four wonderful playgrounds and completed a beautiful pre-school / community centre all in the space of two days. This is a harvest of the final words of our closing circle, which I was blessed to host with Lorraine from Kufunda. Photos and updates on Read More »