Walking Out and On




Amplify and accelerate your capacity for living and leading the future today. Deborah Frieze and Tuesday Ryan-Hart are hosting Walk Out Walk On “Deep Dive” workshops, two-day learning experiences to explore how people all over the world are walking out of unsolvable problems and destructive individualism and walking on to solve problems and discover abundant resources. How might walking out and walking on impact the health and resilience of your organization or community?

This workshop will:

  • Explore the global phenomenon of “walking out and walking on” and how it impacts the health and resilience of organizations and communities. Where in the world are people walking out and walking on? What is the new world they are creating?
  • Support participants’ personal leadership explorations and apply principles of walking out and walking on to their own leadership, organizations and communities. What do you need to walk out of? What are you willing to walk on to?
  • Connect our work as leaders with our commitment to build healthy and resilient communities—places where everyone is welcome to learn, grow and contribute across differences to create a better, stronger whole. How can we build healthy and resilient communities?
  • Work to create new ways of being together that can pull together power, justice, love and diverse voices into coherent action for creating this new future. How can we act together across different worldviews and be wildly inclusive?
  • Deep dive into the “Two Loops” framework for under- standing emergent change in systems and across society. What is possible for our communities and ourselves when we understand the connection between ancient wisdom, modern leadership and trailblazing new work?

To bring the Walk Out Walk On Deep Dive to your community, contact Deborah.