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Making Our Footprints Conscious

by Sarah Whiteley June 21, 2011

I was remembering that on August, 21st 2010, we hit Earth Overshoot Day: the day in which we exhaust our ecological budget for the year..

This year, it was 7th March 2011

I hadn’t even realised, until today, that I / We had overstepped the mark.

As we enter the endeavor of Collaborative Space Making – creating a literal 100sqm footprint on the earth, the consequences of this build are deep and far-reaching.  The question I sit with, and Maria and I played with in different ways, since coming to the land is:

Is Building Justified? This was explored in such terms as energy expenditure, environmental impact, societal benefit, financial expenditure – and what becomes possible / available in return?

The reality is that we humans create significant impact – yet how this impact is felt is determined by the choices we make and the intention we step with.

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Dancing the Space Open

by Sarah Whiteley June 19, 2011

This evening I am back at Axladitsa – having left Athens at 5.30am this morning with Maria to travel 5.5 hours back to Pelion for an important appointment.  Maria is now back to Athens to journey to Brussels tomorrow for work.  A busy day – hence the delayed account from last night’s events in Syntagma Square.

We were scheduled to host a World Café last night at 11pm.  We had sensed right timing the day before – both by members of the assembly core team in Syntagma and by ourselves – Maria, Anthi, Odysseas (not present to host this night – as he is hosting 250 children at summer camp for 6 weeks) and myself.  We were scheduled to follow a series of speeches, starting at 7.30pm, by a Panel consisting of well-respected Greek professionals offering different perspectives to a seated crowd – assembled in rows in the centre of Syntagma Square.

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Scaled Out Walk Out Walk On

by Maria Scordialos June 16, 2011

We are living incredible times – yesterday, those of us who gathered together – all over Greece, felt this in every second of living.

I am writing a very quick email right now – and will write a longer testimony of what we lived yesterday later today.

What is happening in Greece is a large scale walk out and walk on – a gathering of people who are reclaiming life – people who know self organisation and are re-membering to this.  Yesterday – we were not demonstrating or protesting – we were standing up to life – saying yes to ourselves hand making our lives again (as our fathers and mothers did – as our grandmothers and grandfathers did – as our ancestors did) – because if we do not do this – we do not live life.

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Democracy Rising in Greece

by Maria Scordialos June 14, 2011

The evolution of consciousness is definitely on in Greece – with our Greek spirit rising in a beautiful way and here in Athens surrounded by people now living in Greece from different parts of the world, (English, Germans, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, Africans, etc.).

I want to share with you what we experienced on Sunday night and from further conversations with a friend who is working closely with what is emerging.

There were about 500,000+ people out in the streets of central Athens – the streets from Syntagma (Constitution Square) to Omonia were filled – people of all ages and nationalities.

Syntagma Square itself was filled with people – many were walking on the roads around the square, talking, friends meeting friends, children on parents shoulders. Walking into the square – there was loads of food being sold/offered – drinks, etc. There is a feeling of a festival – with big banners saying – We do not owe, We are not selling and We are not paying!!

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